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are the ingredients needed for success in the Mechanical Construction industry. Since 1868, the “BARHAM” name has been synonymous with vision in the field of mechanical construction, whether it was our great grandfathers and grandfathers, The James Barham Company, or our fathers, The Thomas H. Barham Company, Inc., and now The Barham Group, LLC.

The Barham name has provided our clients with a level of performance and excellence that is unsurpassed. “Getting it done” on time and on budget with an unmatched precision and expertise has always been our trademark.

Our dedicated service to our clients has made us the desired Mechanical Contractor for all size and type projects, including many of the mega projects in the Tri-State area in the Correctional, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Education, and Casino Industries.

“You dream it – we’ll build it”!

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We have been doing work for The Barham Group, LLC over the past 8 years. In this time, we have successfully completed projects in hospitals, schools, office buildings and large casinos. The Barham Group, LLC always communicates effectively and assists its subcontractors, wherever possible, during the construction process. Knowing the cash constraints of the construction industry, The Barham Group, LLC always makes timely payments and processes our change orders as quickly as possible. Most importantly, The Barham Group, LLC is a family run business so an owner is always available and willing to answer questions any time of the day.

-- Halo Sheet Metal Inc.

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